Sunday, 26 February 2012

Chicken Pasta Salad with Mayo-Yogurt Dressing

There's a lot of truth in the adage KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid). Sometimes I just don't feel like slaving over a hot stove for ages on end or labouring over the cutting board. This pasta salad is quick to whip up and easy to assemble. Perfect as a lunch box filler, or as a last minute party food. I whipped this up during a moment of desperation - family pot-luck and time wasn't on my side. It was a hit with the adults, tweens and kids, and is now on the popular request list. And the ingredients aren't complicated - cold chicken and short pasta, tossed with vegetables in a tangy mayo-yogurt dressing. Stuff that you'll find in your kitchen anyway. And voila! An extremely tasty chicken pasta salad that looks good too...

Ingredients:1 packet (500g) of dried short pasta
2 medium chicken breasts, about 500g
1 pack (500g) frozen corn kernels
250g cherry tomatoes - halved
3 large stalks spring onions - sliced thinly
1 large bunch coriander - roughly chopped
1 tub of natural yogurt
juice from 1/2 lemon
salt and black pepper for seasoning

Method :
1.  Bring a large pot of water to boil, and cook pasta according to instructions.  Drain, rinse and leave to cool.
2.  Rub some salt and pepper over the chicken breasts and steam until cooked.  Removed and dice into cubes.
3.  Reheat the frozen corn kernels according to instructions.
4.  For the dressing, stir together equal portions of mayonnaise and yogurt into a large bowl. I usually
start out with 4 large tablespoons each.  Add in the lemon juice.  Add salt and ground black pepper to taste.
5.  Put in the diced chicken, pasta and all the vegetables and toss thoroughly.  Ensure that the pasta is well
coated with the dressing. 
6.  Chill, covered in a container until ready to serve.  Before serving give it a good stir to loosen up.

NotesYou can prepare and cook the ingredients before-hand, and store in the fridge until ready toss and dress.
Use a robust pasta shape like penne or spirals.  Ribbons tend to break easily.

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